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Oscar Dreams Manifested: The Global Film Exhibition isn't just a competition; it's your gateway to cinematic prominence. In collaboration with Filmocracy's elite theater partners in LA, champions are graced with an Academy Qualifying Screening. Your masterpiece is a step closer to the Oscars.


The Details:


  • An Exclusive Pathway for Our Champions: Dive into a 7-day Oscar Qualifying Screening located in the movie mecca of Los Angeles. Your film's legacy is ready for an upgrade.

  • Clear Costing: While the spotlight is ours to shine, the screening expenses for a 7-day Oscar Qualifying Screening must be paid by filmmakers. Here's a breakdown.




  • Short Films:

  • UNDER 15 MINS: $550  

  •  15-30 MINS: $750 

  •   OVER 30 MINS: $950

Feature Films: Priced around $7000, these films benefit from tailored scheduling, ensuring pure, undistracted limelight. 

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