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Even if you do not submit a film you are invited to our virtual meetups. Whether you're nestled in a bustling city or in the serene countryside, whether you’re from the East or the West, the Global Film Exhibition ensures that every filmmaker, regardless of their location, has a platform to connect. Experience effortless virtual interactions without downloads or complex setups. Simply log in, share your passion, and let your creativity soar alongside global peers. 



 Zero Downloads: Connect from any device, anytime. Whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, our web-based interface ensures a seamless experience. 



 Network with filmmakers from different genres, backgrounds, and cultures. Broaden your perspective and enrich your filmography.  


Inclusivity for Disabled Filmmakers: Our initiative has its roots in personal experience. Our director, a passionate filmmaker, faces travel challenges due to disabilities. We believe that every filmmaker, regardless of physical ability, should have equal opportunities to connect, collaborate, and create. These virtual meetups bridge the gap and ensure that every voice, every vision, is heard and seen.

Alleviating Travel Costs: Traveling, especially overseas, can be prohibitively expensive. Not every filmmaker has the financial means to jet off to international film events or networking gatherings. Our platform eliminates these barriers, ensuring that financial constraints don't hinder creativity and collaboration. 

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