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How does "Drama Academy" drama classes 

affect students' personalities? What is taught at thier acting school?







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Course Description:

This beginner-level course is designed to equip young individuals with the essential skills and techniques needed to become confident and effective public speakers. Through a series of interactive lessons and practical exercises, students will learn how to overcome stage fright, deliver impactful speeches, and captivate their audience. By the end of this course, participants will have the tools necessary to excel in public speaking and make a lasting impression.


Course Outline:


Module 1: Introduction to Public Speaking


- Understanding the importance of public speaking skills


- Overcoming stage fright and building self-confidence


- Setting goals for personal growth as a young orator


Module 2: Crafting Powerful Speeches


- Identifying the purpose and audience of a speech


- Structuring speeches for maximum impact


- Utilizing storytelling techniques to engage listeners


Module 3: Effective Delivery Techniques


- Developing vocal variety and projection


- Mastering body language and non-verbal communication


- Using visual aids to enhance presentations


Module 4: Engaging the Audience


- Building rapport with the audience


- Handling questions and managing interruptions


- Incorporating humor and audience interaction


Module 5: Overcoming Challenges:


- Dealing with nervousness and anxiety during speeches


- Adapting to unexpected situations and technical difficulties


- Learning from constructive feedback and continuous improvement


Module 6: Inspiring and Persuading


- Understanding the power of persuasion in public speaking


- Using rhetorical devices to influence and motivate


- Inspiring others through personal stories and experiences


Module 7: Specialized Speaking Situations:


- Presenting in academic settings (e.g., school projects, debates)

- Speaking at social events (e.g., weddings, ceremonies)

- Delivering speeches for community causes and advocacy

Module 8: Developing a Personal Speaking Style

- Discovering individual strengths and unique speaking style

- Cultivating authenticity and connecting with the audience

- Setting personal goals for ongoing growth as a young orator

Course Title: Unlocking Your Potential: The Ultimate Young Orator


 HEBA OMRAN, a graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Education's English Department, brings over two decades of educational expertise to the forefront with her establishment of The Drama Academy acting school & drama classes .


 Her impressive journey includes roles as an English language supervisor in international schools, a language coordinator, and an accredited instructor in various academies and schools. 


Her professional development is marked by numerous international certifications, including Long Term Training Courses (LTTC), and specialized courses in incorporating theatrical techniques into English language learning.


In 2016, Heba launched The Drama Academy, an innovative platform for teaching English. The Academy adopts a unique approach, utilizing theatrical simulation to impart English language skills in a creative manner. 


This method not only aids students in developing their language proficiency but also in discovering and honing their innate talents and abilities.


The curriculum at The Drama Academy extends beyond language learning. It focuses on nurturing essential life skills in children, such as confidence, creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication. 


These skills are cultivated through an integrated approach that combines academic study with diverse activities. The program encourages students to engage in analysis, critical thinking, and interpretation, helping them understand different perspectives, delve into character studies, and enhance their communication abilities.


Heba's pioneering teaching methods have gained recognition beyond the classroom. She has appeared on numerous television shows, discussing her educational approach with parents, and has been featured in various newspapers. 


These features highlight her unique and engaging teaching style, which moves away from traditional rote learning and repetitive practices.

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