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By Steve Long, Director of Global Film Exhibition

Steve Long (SL): First off, Christopher, thank you for joining us today! Can you kick things off by giving our readers an overview of your animated film, Hinter-Land?

Christopher Angus (CA): Thanks, Steve. "Hinter-Land" is a folktale that revolves around the concept of interconnected ideas, inspired by the peculiar nature of a flower similar to a sunflower but with different behavior. Depending on the viewer's perspective, it can be seen as a metaphor or simply as a depiction of nature.

SL: And diving deeper, what themes or messages did you embed within the film?

CA: At its core, the film touches upon anger, destruction, healing, and redemption. There are also underlying themes that play out in more subtle ways. It's like peeling back layers of an onion—each layer has its own story and significance.

SL: Can you share a bit about the creative process and challenges faced during the production?

CA: Absolutely. The last act was a particular challenge. We wanted to depict both restoration and the creation of something new. It took a few iterations to get it right.

SL: You've mentioned "Hinterland: Who's Who" as a significant influence. Can you elaborate on that and other inspirations?

CA: Those short TV segments, designed to educate about nature, became iconic in Canadian culture. Aside from that, I draw inspiration from the National Film Board of Canada, the unique drawing style of Don Martin from Mad Magazine, and profound filmmakers like Andrei Tarkovsky.

SL: Any interesting behind-the-scenes stories to share?

CA: While most of my time was spent in the studio, the occasional visits from friends led to insightful discussions about deeper themes in the film, especially about our perception of nature and art.

SL: With such a unique storytelling style, how did you approach casting and bringing your vision to life?

CA: We focused mainly on voiceovers, aiming to echo the "Hinterland" segments. The goal was to capture a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

SL: In a saturated global market, what do you believe sets "Hinter-Land" apart?

CA: It's the film's interrelated concepts and its playfulness in addressing profound themes. The film not only entertains but also nudges viewers to introspect on deeper philosophical ideas.

SL: After viewers watch your film at the Global Film Exhibition, what do you hope they take away?

CA: I hope they delve into the idea of deriving themes from nature, and how these themes influence art. At the very least, I wish for them to appreciate the overarching theme of light overcoming darkness.

SL: Can you tell us about the settings and locations used?

CA: The film is set on a small, intimate planet. While minimalistic, it aims to depict a microcosm of the universe, with a cosmic touch added by celestial bodies.

SL: What's the best part of having your film showcased globally?

CA: The potential for global discussions! I look forward to hearing interpretations from diverse audiences and participating in those conversations.

SL: Any advice for budding filmmakers out there?

CA: Stay the course. Be persistent, have a clear vision, and stick with it. Filmmaking is a marathon, not a sprint.

SL: Lastly, can you hint at any upcoming projects?

CA: I'm currently working on a short animated vignette and another 8-minute film. For sneak peeks, folks can visit my website:

SL: Thank you, Christopher, for sharing your insights. Wishing "Hinter-Land" great success at the Global Film Exhibition!

CA: Thanks, Steve. It's been a pleasure!

Catch Christopher Angus's "Hinter-Land" at this year's Global Film Exhibition and immerse yourself in a world of introspective exploration.

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