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In conversation with Steve Long, Director of the Global Film Exhibition  

Steve Long: Hello, readers! Today, I’m honored to sit down with director Gregory Ayriyan to talk about his film, "Scissors." Gregory, welcome to the Global Film Exhibition blog!

Gregory Ayriyan: Thank you, Steve. It's great to be here.

Steve: Let's dive right in. Can you provide a brief overview of "Scissors" and what sparked its creation?

Gregory: "Scissors" is my interpretation of a lonely woman's obsession. It delves deep into what happens when solitude meets fixation.

Steve: What are the central themes or messages in your film, and why do you believe they strike a chord with audiences worldwide?

Gregory: I believe true art should provoke thought, and that's what I aimed for with "Scissors." It nudges viewers to reflect and engage mentally.

Steve: Tell us about the challenges in the creative process and how you navigated them.

Gregory: Every film has its hurdles, but for "Scissors," I found ways to manage and push through them.

Steve: Were there any specific films, directors, or artistic influences that fueled your creativity for this project?

Gregory: Absolutely. I drew inspiration from legends like Paradjanov, Fellini, Bunuel, and the charm of French New Wave cinema. And of course, the timeless Charlie Chaplin.

Steve: Moving on to casting – how did you bring your vision to life with the actors?

Gregory: The key was communication. I spent time explaining the concept, ensuring we were all aligned in portraying the story's essence.

Steve: In today's diverse cinematic landscape, what makes "Scissors" stand out?

Gregory: Authenticity is everything. My film embodies its unique style, which I believe sets it apart.

Steve: How does it feel to have "Scissors" showcased in a global exhibition?

Gregory: It's exhilarating. Such platforms open doors to more opportunities and broader audiences.

Steve: Any pearls of wisdom for budding filmmakers aiming for global recognition?

Gregory: One word: Patience. The journey is long and challenging, but perseverance is vital.

Steve: Lastly, can you tease any upcoming projects or future plans?

Gregory: I'm working on "Chaotic Moment." It's a reflection of the current global state. Interestingly, I penned it a decade ago. However, I'm still in search of the right producer and funding.

Steve: Intriguing! Gregory, it's been enlightening discussing "Scissors" with you. Best wishes for all your future endeavors.

Gregory Ayriyan: Thanks, Steve. Always a pleasure to share my journey with fellow cinephiles.

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