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Celebrating Diversity through Film

Discover New and Diverse Films
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We’re thrilled to present the Global Film Exhibition, now in its third year, and qualified by IMDb. Our virtual film exhibition is set to run from January 15 to January 29, 2025. As always, we aim to showcase a wide range of genres and styles, featuring both well-known work and indie films. We’re particularly excited to offer an immersive cinematic experience through the trusted Filmocracy platform.

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                              LifeLine Service Dogs 

Service Dog Puppy

Our Volunteer Director, Steve, holds a deep-seated passion for assisting Veterans and Children in acquiring Service Dogs. At the Global Film Exhibition, we pledge to contribute 50% of all our submission fees and ticket sales to LifeLine Service Dogs.

This esteemed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization stands committed to supporting Veterans, Active Duty personnel, First Responders, Gold Star Families, and Children. Their mission? Offering task-trained service dogs at zero cost.

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LifeLine Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization dedicated to Veterans, Active Duty, First Responders, Gold Star Families, and Children. They provide task-trained service dogs to help those navigating a medical and/or psychological diagnosis, at no charge. 

Discover the Best in Film from Across the Globe 

Attack of the Cat People - Official Trailer

Attack of the Cat People - Official Trailer

Straight out of the Unknown comes Attack of the Cat People!!! If you enjoy 1940s Noir Films and Universal Horror Classic Films, In 1940, a group of Scientists ( Jessica Ham, Peter O’Hanlon, John Gorman, Wayne Bassett, Brad Phillips & Emma Critchell) discovered the remains a of Meteorite floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This film is a tribute film to all Black & White Horror Classic Films like Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein & The Mummy. Support Attack of the Cat People and future Black Cat Film Productions projects here: FACEBOOK - FACEBOOK - TWITTER - TUMBLR - PINTEREST - Narrator - Samuel Peacock Captain John Baker – Peter O’Hanlon Diana Lawrence – Jessica Ham Janet Reeds – Emma Critchell Doctor Elliot – John Gorman Doctor Fraser – Wayne Bassett Edwin – Brad Phillips Captain Marcel - Zsolt Vincze Cat Person #1 – Luke Ovens Cat Person #2 – Nick Tomkins Cat Person #3 – Michael Fitzpatrick Cat Person #4 – Richard MacGregor Cat Person #5 – Faimasasa Lemalu Director/Producer/Editor – Sarah Stephenson Music Composer – George Streicher Props and Wardrobe Supplier & Designer – Tracey Rose Designs Hair/Makeup – Innana Sutherland, Tao McCarthy & Tayla Burton Special Thanks – Aldergrove Studio, Australian Institute of Advanced Studies, PGL Kindilan Campsite & Pond 5
Seven Thousand Souls- Official U.S. Trailer (2021)

Seven Thousand Souls- Official U.S. Trailer (2021)

SEVEN THOUSAND SOULS is a documentary - a feature film about the suffering of Serbian and Russian soldiers and interned civilians in Austro-Hungarian camps on the territory of today's Czech Republic, Jindrihovice and Broumov. The camps had about 500 facilities where there were about 60,000 prisoners of war. Extremely difficult working conditions, no food, no shoes and clothes, winter and infectious diseases, all this affected the fact that 7,100 Serbs did not survive the camps. There is a mausoleum in Jindrihovice where the remains are victims of these camps - 7100 Serbs and 189 Russians. It is the second largest Serbian tomb in the world. The film also contains memories of soldiers who survived the camps, writen by a Dutch journalist Henri Aber in 1919. The descendants of soldiers from Serbia also speak in the film. The film stars Lordan Zafranović, Jelena Ćirić, priest Srdjan Jablanović, etc. and the narrator is Jim High (english version), Jan Kacer (czech version), Tihomir Stanic (serbian version), Mihal Fedorov (russian version). Production: RODOLJUB z.s. Czech-Serbian Friendship Association Prague CREDITS: Director: Sanjin Mirić Screenplay: Sanjin Mirić, Vit Hlasensky Narrator: Tihomir Stanić (serbian version), Mihail Fedorov (russian version) Producer: Sanjin Mirić Director of Photography: Zdenek Tripes Country: Czceh Republic Year of production: 2019. Duration: 59 min Language: Serbian, English DISTRIBUTOR: GM Films


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